Hannah Wicklund Creates Infusion of Psychedelia and Blues in Newest Single ‘Hell in the Hallway’

Hannah Wicklund, the phenomenal singer and guitarist out of South Carolina, has been pumping out singles in preparation for her upcoming record, The Prize, which will be dropping on January 12th. These releases, consisting of Hide and Seek, Witness and Lost Love, were very strong and extremely well performed – truly a good sign for those itching for the new album. The latest addition to these singles is Hell in the Hallway, which is definitely consistent with the previously mentioned ones.

Released on October 27th, Hell in the Hallway is yet another example of the unique direction that Wicklund is going towards, at least at this particular moment in time. What we’ve heard recently in her work, also thanks to the production, is a very spacious, atmospheric aesthetic being pierced by her psychedelic infused blues style. The track is sonically pleasing, cemented by some booming drums that fit well without being overpowering. Altogether, it’s just a fantastic tune.

Wicklund explained the meaning of the song in the following post on X:

“My new song ‘Hell in the Hallway’ tells a story of perseverance & strength through defying the twisted whispers spoken by snakes. When one door closes, another another one opens, but there’s always Hell in the Hallway…”

There are very few more exciting artists to keep eyes on right now than Hannah Wicklund. The soul in her voice, her creativity and musicianship are very evident. With the help of Greta Van Fleet’s Sam Kiszka as a producer and going by the previous singles, The Prize is going to absolutely crush. While we wait for that to drop on January 12th, give Hell in the Hallway a listen in the meantime!

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