Dirty Honey Prep for Upcoming Record with Next Single, ‘Coming Home (Ballad of the Shire)’

Dirty Honey have been quite literally taking the world by storm with their gritty, raw sound that channels the best qualities of that old school 70s – 80s classic rock style all while staying consistently fresh and new. They’ve released an EP in 2019 and a full-length album in 2021, so a couple years and a few singles later, the fans are itching for another record. Can’t Find The Brakes, Dirty Honey’s upcoming album, is set to release on November 3rd, so we are all finally going to be able to scratch that itch. In the meantime, however, we got another single off the record called Coming Home (Ballad of the Shire).

Written by vocalist Marc LaBelle, bassist Justin Smolian and guitarist John Notto, the tune is quite a standout when it comes to pretty much everything the band has released so far – no, seriously, everything. As the name indicates, this is a ballad, but it is entirely acoustic guitar versus their typical electric style. LaBelle crushes his performance here as usual, plus the other guys holding down the instrumental side are as tight as ever. Coming Home has a nice, folky feel when it comes to the guitar and overall feel of the song – if you were to make comparisons, think some acoustic works by Zeppelin, like Going to California.

When describing the song, LaBelle said:

Coming Home is a song about self-reflection. The catalyst of the song was an instrumental piece that Justin had been playing and became a clear standout once Notto added some slide guitar on top of the track to give it a bluesier feel. Lyrically, the song came together quickly writing on the porch at the studio looking out into the hills above Byron Bay, Australia.”

Give Coming Home (Ballad of the Shire) a listen, and mark your calendars for November 3rd, the release day of Dirty Honey’s upcoming record, Can’t Find The Brakes!


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