Shelby Raye Brings Soul and Depth to Chris Stapleton’s “Parachute”

Nashville Tennessee has always been a hot spot for talented vocalists, but sometimes one voice catches your attention and sucks you so deeply into it’s stunning power than you cannot look away. That voice right now in Nashville Tennessee is Shelby Raye. Shelby’s voice truly transports you from the room you are seeing her in to another dimension. One where you wonder, why hasn’t everyone heard Shelby sing yet?  Well, as we all know that kind of thing takes time. It takes effort, passion and a team of folks to help make sure as many people get to experience what we in the scene in Nashville often get to a little early. But it will be worth the wait and we hope with her new release that we got the chance to have our very own Charlie Sherwood produce and Kurt Ozan play on. But lets talk about Shelby for a little before we get into that. 

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Hailing from South Carolina, where she charmed the Columbia and Charleston area music fans with her tunes since a very early age, Shelby isn’t a stranger to the spotlight. Her previous conquests, ranging from winning numerous local and national talent competitions to the releasing her debut single “Call Me Crazy,”. Those songs, shows and so many hours of singing her heart out have brought her to where she is right now. A Vocalist who turns heads and captivates with every run of her voice. We believe Shelby is a star in the making and asked how we could help even get a few more ears on that electric voice of hers. 

Fast-forward to today, Shelby Raye, with her distinct sound and unforgettable presence, just unveiled a stirring rendition of Chris Stapleton’s “Parachute.” It’s not just a cover. With the resonating strings of Kurt Ozan’s dobro and the masterful production of Charlie Sherwood, it’s a tip of the cap to another voice that has captivated so many. A live, raw reimagining that breathes new life into what has already become a classic, making listeners feel every beat, every note, every emotion.

What’s more, this rendition marks Raised Rowdy’s maiden voyage into the realm of streaming services, and what better way to begin than with the artistry of Shelby Raye? From the stage of writers’ rounds like Rowdy on the Row to collaborating with talented co-writers like Sam Johnson and Callie Prince, she’s been a beacon of hard work, authenticity, and loyalty since way before she moved to Nashville. Traits that resonate deeply in the country music world. 

So, when you press play on this new release, know that you’re not just hearing a song. You’re experiencing a journey. A journey of a young woman who embraced her roots, brought her authentic self to the spotlight, and is now lighting up the Nashville music scene. As she tackles Stapleton’s track, you can feel the same work, belief, and truth Shelby brought to “Call Me Crazy,” and every other original we have gotten to hear. 

Ready to dive deep into the heart of Nashville Tennesee? Shelby Raye is about to take you there, reminding us all why we fell in love with Country music in the first place. One voice, one song that means so much to so many and a team of folks helping push those that we believe in. 


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