Tyler Booth’s ‘Keep It Real’ Is A Traditionalist Country Gem

Sony Music Nashville artist Tyler Booth released his third EP, Keep It Real, on September 15. The six-song short-player, which already totals nearly one million spins on Spotify, builds on Booth’s classic country sound which has gained him a die-hard fanbase since he burst on the scene in 2021. In his own words — and we agree — Keep It Real shows him in his truest form:

“I’ve been circling around myself as an artist and a songwriter for so long,” Booth said in a release. “Now I feel like I’ve found my voice in songwriting and singing, and I think it comes from writing so many songs and writing so many of them by myself, so they’re completely true to me.” 

Booth wrote or co-wrote every track on Keep It Real. It kicks off with “Different Kind of Blue,” a tender ballad showcasing his signature baritone croon, redolent of Josh Turner. “G.O.B. by the G.O.G.,” a boot-stomping barn-burner celebrating his country roots (the acronyms stand for “good old boy” and “grace of God”) follows. Next up is “My Favorite Drink,” the EP’s hardest-rocking song with a helluva hook: “My favorite drink is a lot.” Amen. 

The fourth title is “I Got Paid,” a beachy anthem with a tasty mix of tropical percussion, mandolin and swooning steel guitar. Then it’s “Real Real Country,” which is arguably one of Booth’s swampiest, bluesiest tunes. “Bring on the Neon” closes the EP on an emotional note. With spare but crystal-clear production, it’s a sonic love letter to Booth’s life as a performer. It peers into the mind of a country showman speaking earnestly to his audience as he prepares to play. 

From start to finish, Keep It Real is rich with traditional and 90s-era country sounds that will be sure to resonate with listeners hungry for a return to classic genre values. It’s a perfect blend of new and old and shows real growth in Booth’s sound and writing ability. Check it out:

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