Jade Eagleson’s Country Saga Continues with ‘Do It Anyway’

They say good things come in threes, and that’s certainly the case for Canadian country dynamo, Jade Eagleson. His third studio album Do It Anyway has hit the airwaves, and it’s nothing short of a musical triumph. Following a victorious weekend at the 2023 CCMA Awards, where Eagleson snatched the illustrious titles of Entertainer of the Year and Male Artist of the Year, he’s now gifting the world with a collection of 13 robust tracks that beckon the listener into a melodic exploration of love, family, and personal growth.

Do It Anyway is more than just a collection of songs—it’s a well crafted journey of a record, blending modern aesthetics with the traditional country soul. Eagleson has become a master of melding musical eras. On this record, as well as those he has already released, he has found a way to capture the essence of traditional country vibes while assuredly capturing modern Country listeners.

The roots of Eagleson’s deep-seated respect for classic country session players stretch back through his lifetime, finally intertwining with his music in a collaboration with his heroes. Guitar legend Brent Mason, along with Paul Franklin, Stuart Duncan, and Larry Franklin have lent their strings and expertise to Do It Anyway, embracing the project with a timeless, traditional twang that we here at Raised Rowdy LOVE. Coupled with Todd Clark’s modern day creativity, the album births a new country sound that is both nostalgic and still well, ROWDY.

Tracks like “Shakin’ In Them Boots”, “Neon Dreamin'”, “Honky Talkin’”, and “Rodeo Queen” are sure to get the boot heels tapping, while Eagleson’s unique western spin on One Direction’s pop hit “Steal My Girl” showcases his ability to traverse musical genres while still making it sound like the song is his own.

This album isn’t just a pit stop for Eagleson, who’s had a stellar rise from his CCMA Rising Star Award in 2019 to sharing stages and accolades with country music’s finest in 2023. His voyage is a testament to his capacity to evolve and an inherent ability to keep the traditional country spirit burning in a modern Country landscape. That, coupled with this album (which we think is made to stand the test of time in the Country music genre), is set to make Jade more than just a name to know. He’s a name you will remember.

Stay tuned with the latest on Jade and his journey to take his version of  Country to the top of the charts and into your hearts: Instagram, TikTok, Twitter or X or whatever lol, Facebook, and his official website.

Do It Anyway is now available on all music platforms, ready to take you away on a modern-day country journey, Eagleson style.

Canadian Artists are not just stars in Canada anymore. They are here, they are there, they are soon to be on all your playlists and radio stations with Jade as one of the figureheads of that movement.

Cover Photo: Ryan Nolan

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