Old Hickory: Rekindling Country’s Soul with ‘Tuesday Nights at Scoreboard’ One Harmony at a Time

The one constant on the landscape of Nashville’s music scene is change, but sometimes you have to turn the calendars back a little to really settle into something that, while sounding familiar, is actually new and sonically striking.

For those that are not in the Nashville scene Old Hickory might be a new trio, but if you have been in town for a few years you know each of their members already.  Dan Alley, Andy Austin, and Timothy Baker each honed their craft separately as friends and co-writers before deciding to all push together towards one goal. That goal is Old Hickory. There is a passion in Nashville as well as outside of it for authentic, tip your hat to your lady-style music, and Old Hickory has perfected that sound for our eyes and ears. It’s so much more than 3 voices. The sum of the parts really just amplify each other. See a live Old Hickory show and you will know what we mean. It’s undeniable.

Tuesday Nights at the Scoreboard formally marks their notable entrance onto the country music scene. The project is a living testament to the rich legacy of country music echoed in three-part harmonies, with a touch of the current era’s zest. The album is presented under the banner of River House Artists, as the trio is now part of their growing roster.

Track Listing:

  1. Speed Limit 35 (Dan Alley, Andy Austin, Ben Goldsmith)
  2. Make More Time (Andy Austin, Timothy Baker, Jim Beavers)
  3. Lovin’ Her Is Like (Dan Alley, Andy Austin, Sam Banks)
  4. Comin’ Round The Mountain (Dan Alley, Andy Austin, Greg Bates)
  5. Where She Used To Be (Timothy Baker, Adam Wheeler)
  6. Lookin’ At Her (Dan Alley, Neil Medley, Ryan Beaver)
  7. Kudzu Vine (Andy Austin, Greg Bates, Jason Nix)
  8. Little More In Love With You (Timothy Baker, Scott Sean White, Helene Cronin, Becca Rae Greene)
  9. She’s Gonna Roll (Dan Alley)
  10. Southern (Andy Austin, Timothy Baker, Will Jones)
  11. Lovin’ You Was A Crime (Dan Alley, Andy Austin, Timothy Baker)
  12. When I Listen to Hank (Dan Alley, Brandon Kinney, Justin Weaver)
  13. Don’t Let Our Love Start Slippin’ Away (Vince Gill, Peter Warner)
  14. Jet Airliner (Paul Pena)
  15. Still Doin’ Time (Michael P Heeney, John Moffat)

The members of Old Hickory aren’t strangers to the serenades of Nashville nights, but their paths converged through a regular gig at the renowned local haunt, the Scoreboard Bar & Grill. It’s within this live music hub that they honed their collaborative synergy, leading to the inception of Tuesday Nights at Scoreboard— an album that delivers a soul-soothing narrative on country living, love, and the mesmerizing simplicity of acoustic melody paired with heartfelt lyrics.

I’ve seen the word ‘authentic’ thrown around a lot in the music biz, but when it comes to Old Hickory, it’s not just a tagline – it’s the truth. The harmonies are as real as the wood grain on an old barstool, the lyrics as genuine as the handshakes of their members, and the music, well, it’s the kind of stuff that keeps Nashville nights alive in your heart long after the show has stopped.

So, if you’re looking to find a fresh yet timeless slice of the Nashville music scene, let Old Hickory guide the way. With Tuesday Nights at Scoreboard, Old Hickory isn’t just sharing their music; they’re sharing a piece of Nashville’s soul, one harmony at a time.

So slow down that car on your next drive past Scoreboard. We aren’t sure if the Speed Limit is 35, but it damn well should be. 

Follow the band on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok, or catch them on a Tuesday night at Scoreboard Bar & Grill in Nashville, TN and hopefully in a town near you VERY soon.

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