Premiere: Vinnie Paolizzi and Ben Chapman Reflect on the Music Hustle in “It Ain’t Easy”

In the constantly shifting musical landscape of Nashville, every skyscraper and honky-tonk tells a tale of persistence, hope, and the relentless pursuit of the music dream. Among the seasoned strummers and dreamers is one of our favorite front porch poets, Vinnie Paolizzi. Vinnie is a Philadelphia native who’s grown his roots deep into the Nashville soil over the last decade. Paolizzi has been painting narratives of life through a blend of rock and country. Vinnie doesn’t sound like everything else out there and honestly that is what makes his music and songs so meaningful.  This profound connection with life’s ups and downs resonates through his upcoming collaborative single with Ben Chapman titled “It Ain’t Easy,” set to drop this Friday, September 29.

Brooke Stevens
Brooke Stevens

Paolizzi’s journey intertwines with that of Ben Chapman, a kindred spirit in the musical journey, each echoing the gritty realities of the music industry – where every chord struck is a step closer to a dream, yet the road is often littered with hurdles. A long winding road that sometimes seems too tough to tackle by yourself so having both of these great solo artists come together for “It Ain’t Easy” is just another way of showing that it takes a village to build a career in Nashville, and who better to do that with than your friends who are on the same journey.  The duo’s camaraderie blossomed amidst the lyrical fields and honky-tonks of Nashville, a bond forged stronger through shared stages, friends, and the candid tales of sneaking Ben into bars to play and learn before he was 21.

The essence of “It Ain’t Easy” emerged from a week that tested Vinnie and Ben’s resolve, leading to a raw and authentic jamming session that birthed a 7-minute worktape. The lyrics breathe the weary yet persistent spirit of an artist: “It ain’t easy/But I make it/Harder than it has to be.” Simple but self-reflective, this tune melds seamlessly with the hearty, rustic melodies that are a hallmark of Vinnie’s sound from his previous body of work while incorporating some of the grooviness that Ben is known for in his live shows and studio work.

Brooke Stevens

Vinnie Paolizzi has always been about community, about creating spaces where songwriters can hone their craft, share stories, and grow relationships. a long time contributor to Revival 615 and all the Americana and indie scene Nashville has to offer. Vinnie has done so much for so many folks in Nashville and the Country/Americana scene as a whole.  But this song… It’s this ethos of a shared journey, a collective hustle towards a dream that shines through.  The song is not just a reflection of the personal struggles that come with chasing a dream, but also a celebration of the spirit of camaraderie and the beauty of sharing the journey in the music industry with friends that end up being closer to family.

The release of “It Ain’t Easy” is not just a standalone tale, but a sort of kickoff to a bigger narrative. Alongside the single’s release, Vinnie is unveiling the pre-orders for his upcoming full-length album, The Vinnie Paolizzi LP, which is slated for release on November 17. The album, produced by Old Crow Medicine Show’s Mike Harris and featuring a cohort of talented co-writers including rising stars Meg McRee and Ben Chapman, promises to be a homage to the vibrant Nashville community that continues to inspire and nurture artists.

“It Ain’t Easy” is a reflection of the ethos that underpins Vinnie’s upcoming album. It’s a testament to Vinnie’s firm belief in the idea that a rising tide lifts all boats. If your friends are winning so are you and that is the heart and soul of what makes Nashville well, Nashville.

As Vinnie croons about better days ahead in “It Ain’t Easy,” it’s a subtle reminder to every dreamer about the essence of perseverance, about finding solace in community, and the beauty of a shared dream.

This Friday, get ready to be swept through the earnest narrative of “It Ain’t Easy,” a prelude to the much-anticipated release of The Vinnie Paolizzi LP.

Right below this you will get to hear the song for the first time. Before you can stream it anywhere else, and don’t miss out on the chance to pre-order The Vinnie Paolizzi LP as the pre-orders go live this September 29, accompanied by the heartfelt tunes of “It Ain’t Easy” shared by Vinnie Paolizzi and Ben Chapman.

We couldn’t be prouder to share this song with you. Just remember that through the whole journey of life. Everything is a little bit easier if you have some good friends with you. Whether it’s on your track on in your corner.

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