Hannah Wicklund Releases Another Hot Single, ‘Lost Love’

Hannah Wicklund, the rocker out of South Carolina, has been promoting her upcoming album, The Prize, which is scheduled to drop on October 13th. In the recent months, she’s been putting out some killer singles, including “Hide and Seek” and “Witness,” and if the other tracks on the record will be anything like those, we’re in for a treat. Wicklund recently released a third track on September 13th titled “Lost Love.”

“Lost Love” is different than the previous two singles released. It is a calmer, more stripped-down tune that occasionally crescendos during the chorus. There is a heavy folk-inspired acoustic element that is more prominent in the beginning that adds a cool touch. As the song builds, you get more intensity kicking in, led by some booming percussion and the excellent vocal performance by Wicklund.

The Prize deserves to have excitement around it prior to its release. It is a new sound from Wicklund – a psychedelic take on blues rock with a dash of folk. “Lost Love” is a very strong third single, rounding the group out as great tunes to get you hype for the record. Do yourself a favor and stream the new one, as well as the other two. Also, mark your calendars for October 13th so you remember to give Hannah Wicklund’s upcoming album, The Prize, a listen!

Cover Photo from Hannah Wicklund’s Instagram

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