Palmer Anthony ‘Ain’t Looking for Love’ in New Single

Palmer Anthony released his newest single, “Ain’t Looking for Love” on September 8th. The first thing that comes to mind when I think of Anthony is his grind and consistency with releases. He is quick to bang out a new single while also maintaining the quality. With every release, Anthony is also maturing in songwriting and really finding his sound. He’s killing it and this new one proves he’s still got his fastball.

“Ain’t Looking for Love” is country as can be musically, sharing modern and traditional elements when it comes to instrumentation. The twang, acoustics and light percussion driving us along is fantastic. Anthony’s vocal performance is right on the money, and he carries the melody flawlessly. As I mentioned before, his songwriting is maturing with every new song he drops, whether it be cleverness, word placement, or everything in between.

If you’ve followed Raised Rowdy for a while, you should be aware of who Palmer Anthony is, but if not, give him a follow and catch up on what you’ve missed. Give “Ain’t Looking for Love” a listen right now!

Cover Photo by Wesley Painter.

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