Broadway’s New Best Friend: Whiskey Jam & The Future of Music

ANY human with a brain understands that Nashville, also known as “Music City,” has a monumental history of breeding musical talent that has taken the world by storm. From the iconic honky-tonks on lower Broadway to the historic studios of Music Row, Nashville’s veins course with unlimited creativity and songwriting expertise. In the midst of this thriving musical landscape, one live music showcase has emerged as the rustic heartbeat of authenticity and a platform for local singer-songwriters: Whiskey Jam.

Founded in January 2011 by The Godfather, Ward Guenther, Whiskey Jam set out with a simple yet powerful concept: “Good Music, Good Friends, Good Party.” What started as an underground writer’s night swiftly grew into a beloved cultural institution deeply rooted in Nashville’s music scene. Whiskey Jam’s early days witnessed a parade of guest artists taking its stage, including chart-toppers like Old Dominion, Kip Moore, Brett Eldredge, and Chris Young. It cultivated an atmosphere that was simultaneously laid-back and electric, attracting both locals and tourists alike. Here, Music Row’s finest talents could unwind with a cold one in hand, and build relationships with the stars of tomorrow. This unique blend of high-caliber performances and casual camaraderie turned Whiskey Jam into an instant sensation.

Yet, at the core of Whiskey Jam’s mission has always been a full-hearted commitment to showcasing emerging singer-songwriters, giving them a platform to shine and expand their fan base. Over the past decade, Whiskey Jam has cultivated a massive following, consisting of artists, friends, and fans, all drawn to the event’s dedication to nurturing fresh talent and fostering creativity. Whiskey Jam has also served as a bridge for Music Row publishing companies and record labels to highlight their roster of songwriters and test their newest artists in front of an eager and knowledgeable audience. It’s a place where songwriters take their first step towards their dreams and stardom, all while preserving the intimate and unfiltered essence of a true Nashville music experience.

As Whiskey Jam continued to flourish, it recently broke news of their biggest announcement to date – one that reflects the ever-evolving nature of Nashville’s music scene. The beloved live music series, which has hosted almost 1,000 events featuring artists like Luke Combs, Chris Stapleton, and Kacey Musgraves, is relocating from Winners Bar to Dierks Bentley’s Whiskey Row. This move, scheduled for September 18th, marks an exciting new chapter for Whiskey Jam, solidifying its dedication to propelling emerging artists into the spotlight. The Godfather believes that this move aligns perfectly with their mission to deliver diverse, high-quality musical experiences. Guenther also underscores the significance of downtown Nashville as a hub for music and activity, expressing his enthusiasm about bringing the event closer to the city’s core and bringing a truly unique, ORIGINAL music element to the downtown scene.

Photo from Ward Guenther’s Instagram

As Whiskey Jam takes its place on Broadway, it enters a new chapter while remaining true to its roots. The Debbie Downers of this world will argue that this move takes away from the real roots which Whiskey Jam was built upon. Little do they know, the Whiskey Jam stage was built to continuously showcase the untapped potential and badass talent that Nashville’s music scene has to offer, showcasing a bigger venue, a bigger stage, and a larger audience for these artists to kick some ass in front of. The music scene in Nashville will continue to evolve, as does the city, and this relocation positions Whiskey Jam at the heart of the action. The future looks promising for both Whiskey Jam and Music City itself. We can all eagerly anticipate the remarkable performances and unforgettable moments that will undoubtedly unfold in this iconic venue’s new home on Broadway. For aspiring singer-songwriters, it’s an opportunity of a lifetime, and Whiskey Jam remains their steadfast partner on the path to their lifelong musical dreams.

Cheers Whiskey Jam Fam, see you on Broadway!

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