Quick Review of Mac Saturn’s New Single ‘Mint Julep’ Along with their Other Recent Releases

Mint Julep is a brand-new single released by Mac Saturn, a rock band straight out of Detroit. If you enjoy some classic rock ‘n’ roll, funky music with a modern twist, these are the guys for you.

Mint Julep is very spacey with that funk aspect that makes Mac Saturn who they are. The bass line is groovin’ with some very effective synth effects that really display the out of this world aesthetic. Following Mint Julep are a few more singles we can hit on as well. Mr. Cadillac  is one of the best tunes in Mac Saturn’s catalogue. The delivery and vocal performance from Carson Macc is fantastic, with the chorus being infectious. The four-on-the-floor drum pattern gives us a retro disco sound that is flawlessly executed.

Ain’t Like You immediately reminds me of a classic ‘70s soft rock song – something you may hear from Steely Dan or The Doobie Brothers (some people may take that as a knock, but I mean it in the best way possible). Slowing it down a bit is Plain Clothes Gentleman. The light tapping percussion and twangy guitar picking makes for a great opening as more elements crescendo throughout the song. What a great closing tune for such a strong EP.

Do yourself a favor and add Mac Saturn to your music library, because these fellas are going to blow up with today’s new class in rock music. Listen to their new single, Mint Julep, right now!

Cover Photo by Emily S.

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