OTR w/ Kevin ‘Chief’ Zaruk: 3 Biggest Takeaways

Had the pleasure of sitting down with my good friend, Kevin ‘Chief’ Zaruk, founder and CEO of The CORE Entertainment. Chief has been in the music game for nearly 3 decades working closely with superstar acts in the country and rock scenes ranging from Nickelback to Florida Georgia Line, Hinder, Morgan Wallen and most recently Bailey Zimmerman, Nate Smith and Josh Ross. 

Here were 3 BIG takeaways from my convo with Music Industry pioneer, Chief: 

  1. The Evolution of the Music Industry: Chief touches upon the significant shifts in the music industry, with a particular focus on the transition from physical CDs to digital formats in the 2000’s. We discuss how consumer preferences drove this change, despite initial resistance from record companies. 
  2. The Influence of Nickelback on Modern Country Music: Chief and I both agreed it’s very apparent that modern country stars grew up listening to Nickelback. From the live shows, artist brands and of course the vibrant production in their songs; the influence of Nickelback is undeniable in modern country music. You can trace the lineage of influence to other artists like FGL, Morgan, Bailey and Hardy. 
  3. The Importance of Passion and Work Ethic in the Music Industry: Chief really hit home in his emphasis on the importance of passion, work ethic, and collaboration in building a successful career in the music industry. Having a great voice, talent, and work ethic can lead to success, even though the path to superstardom is not guaranteed. 

Watch the full episode of Outside The Round w/ Kevin ‘Chief’ Zaruk below and remember to hit the subscribe button for more episodes! 

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