Zach Bryan: Lyrics That Rewrite History

In the world of music, some artists make it look effortless, and Zach Bryan is undoubtedly one of them. Whether it’s an album or single, with each release, he not only crafts top notch music but also effortlessly shatters records along the way. His self-titled album that dropped August 25th is no exception, and it’s already sent shockwaves through the industry. 

What sets Zach Bryan apart is not only his brain putting pen to paper, but also his uncanny ability to produce music that resonates with a wide-ranging audience. It’s no surprise that all 16 tracks from his latest album have made a resounding entrance onto the Hot 100 chart. This remarkable feat is a testament to his unique talent and his innate knack for creating music that captivates fans across multiple genres. Leading the charge is “I Remember Everything,” featuring the incomparable Kacey Musgraves. This powerhouse collaboration not only landed on the Hot 100 but also did so with such ease that it claimed the top spot right out of the gate. With an astounding 33.7 million U.S. streams, 263,000 radio airplay audience impressions, and 10,000 paid downloads in its debut week, “I Remember Everything” left no doubt about its chart-topping potential. The song’s reign as the most-streamed track of the week and its debut at No. 1 on the Streaming Songs chart were mere icing on the cake. But here’s where Zach Bryan’s record-breaking truly shines: “I Remember Everything” is the fourth country hit to claim the No. 1 position on the Hot 100 in 2023. This is a remarkable feat in a year that has seen country music’s resurgence. To put this achievement in perspective, we must rewind to 1975, the only other year in the Hot 100’s history when five country songs topped the chart. It’s clear that Zach Bryan has carved out a space for country music on the mainstream stage.

The jaw-dropping aspect of “I Remember Everything” is its ability to conquer not one but three different charts simultaneously. Beyond the Hot 100, it secured the top spot on the Hot Country Songs and Hot Rock & Alternative Songs charts, a rare trifecta that speaks volumes about the song’s versatility and universal appeal. Zach Bryan’s ability to span genres and break boundaries is nothing short of phenomenal. As if that weren’t enough, all 16 tracks from his album have taken the Hot 100 by storm, with five of them comfortably settling in the top 20, and a staggering 13 claiming spots in the top 40. This level of chart dominance isn’t just impressive; it’s a prominent display of the artist’s prowess.

What’s even more astounding is that Zach Bryan joins the ranks of a select few by becoming only the second country act to simultaneously place five songs in the Hot 100’s top 20. The only other artist to do so? Morgan Wallen, who accomplished this feat not once, but twice. While Wallen holds the record for the most top 20 entries in a single week with 15 songs, Zach Bryan’s smooth ascent solidifies his status among the music industry’s elite. Breaking yet another record, Zach Bryan is only the second country act to chart a remarkable 13 Hot 100 hits in the top 40 simultaneously, matching Wallen’s record of 16. This achievement puts him in an exclusive club alongside music titans like Drake, Taylor Swift, Travis Scott, Post Malone, 21 Savage, Harry Styles, Kendrick Lamar, and Lil Uzi Vert.

With a grand total of 18 songs on the Hot 100, Zach Bryan cements his place in history as the second country act to achieve this within a single charting frame. While Morgan Wallen holds the overall record with a staggering 36 songs charting concurrently, coinciding with the debut of his album “One Thing at a Time” in March, Zach Bryan’s entry into this elite club underscores his exceptional ability to consistently deliver chart-topping hits. Even before this record-breaking week, Zach Bryan had already set the stage with four previous charting songs, including his breakout hit “Something in the Orange,” which made history as the longest-charting country song by a male artist, spending an astonishing 66 weeks on the chart. With each release, he seems to etch his name deeper into the annals of music history.

In 2023, the music industry is witnessing a monumental year for country music, and Zach Bryan is at the forefront of this resurgence. To quote his legendary photographer Mr. Louie Nice, “when you boil it all down it’s always simple and true”. With 20 country songs landing in the Hot 100’s top 40 for the first time, and a record-matching 25 country songs in the top 50, it’s clear that country music’s influence and appeal are soaring to new heights. Zach Bryan’s ability to shape this narrative further solidifies his position as a driving force in the industry, creating insane music and breaking records with unparalleled ease. 

Cover Photo: Louie Nice

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