Callie Prince Shares Her New Heartbreak Tale “She Calls Him Baby”

New voices are rising in Nashville, what’s really hitting home more now than ever with listeners are the raw and authentic emotions that country music has always embodied but has recently leaned into even deeper. We can’t get enough of this sentiment and style of songs and it’s been a great time to be a Country music fan recently. Thankfully as part of that resurgence of realness, Callie Prince has blessed us with a heartbreaking ballad that is set to become an anthem for broken hearts everywhere.

Whether you are just out of a relationship or thankful that you aren’t, Callie and the team surrounding this song really nailed down that THING that makes a song really make you feel something.

To write “She Calls Him Baby,” Callie Prince teamed up with Max King and Ryan Kohn and created a meaningful and honest story. Produced by Kohn, the song paints a telling picture of love lost and the feelings that come with it.

The lyrics are a testament to Callie and her co-writers’ ability to convey deep, raw emotions in her music, so I will let those lyrics they crafted do some of the talking for me:

“She stays in, I go out
She’s content while I’m drowning
In a bottle of Tennessee 7
I’m going through hell, she’s living in heaven
She’s in his dreams, I’m in his past
She’s got it made, I’ve got a bad
Case of heartbreak
Damn I’m slowly dying
Cause she calls him baby
And I call him crying”

Prince proudly told us, “This song is so special and real. It has brought back my love for old country music!”

Whether it’s old or new great songs and great songs and we think this one is a winner.

With this release I think it is clear Callie is taking a huge step forward. You can feel it in the air in Nashville and honestly on her socials where this song has resonated with fan’s across platforms. (See one of the posts on Tik-Tok HERE)

Country music, with songs like these, is in good hands and Callie is one of the folks we think will be leading the charge for years to come in making sure Country music keeps pushing boundaries while staying true to its roots. CFP lights up every room she is in and every stage she graces. She’s a person and artist you want to be around whether it’s in the writing room or on a stage,  We couldn’t be more thankful to get to watch her and her artistry continue to grow in a genre that needs more souls like Callie.

The Mississippi native now calls Nashville home and has carved herself out a strong niche in Country music as an artist who can deliver emotion with her voice and lyrics. The talented songstress independently released her first song in 2020 and has since followed it with eight additional singles, growing her following as she has done so. “She Calls Him Baby” is just the start for Callie. With each release, we find ourselves more entrenched in her world, eager to hear more of the heartfelt stories she has to share.

Callie is part of the great future of Country Music and we are proud to even in a small way get her music to more eager ears.

To the moon Callie.


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