John Baumann Releases Emotive New Song, “Border Radio”

Texas troubadour John Baumann released the title song from his upcoming album, Border Radio, last Friday. As his third sampling from the record, due out October 10, it raises the bar for songs to come. 

Co-penned by Baumann and songwriter-photographer Charlie Stout, “Border Radio” blends the artist’s literary storytelling with vast, cinematic instrumentation. Baumann’s vocals are drenched in canyon-deep reverb as he sings about an obscure ballad he hears on his AM radio while passing across the Rio Grande. The “soft and sweet sonnet” enchants him and, even when he loses the station somewhere in the Davis Mountains, seems to bring him peace of mind as he motors through West Texas. 

“Border Radio” is a cast-iron hit for longstanding fans of Baumann and first-time listeners. Hear it below: 

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