Southall Releases ‘When You’re Around,’ Third Single from Upcoming Album

Oklahoma Red Dirt rockers, Southall, are back once again with a fine, fine tune. They dropped their newest single, “When You’re Around,” on the 25th of August. This one follows “Scared Money” and “By Surprise,” all three of them to be included on Southall’s upcoming self-titled album, which comes out on September 22nd. The quality of these singles is very promising when it comes to the predictions we may have for the record. All three are consistently strong while having an all-together different sound.

“Scared Money” puts the bluesy licks into overdrive, “By Surprise” has an alternative pop feel, but what about “When You’re Around”? Well, if you’re a fan of the older Southall work (“Read Southall Band”, as they were called then) then you will most likely be a big fan of this one. There are immediate dashes of Americana that is so prominent in Oklahoma nowadays. As soon as the beginning kicks in, the instrumentals are very reminiscent of Turnpike Troubadours, but Southall’s rock edge is still making it their own sound. The beat chugs along like a train with the guitar work keeping up with it. Read Southall nails it like usual in the vocal department – his melodic rasp in full effect.

Needless to say, “When You’re Around” is an absolute banger of a 3rd single. Be sure to listen and prepare for their upcoming album, “Southall.”

Cover Photo: Steven Contreras

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