Scott Stapp Drops Absolute Fire as Always with New Single, ‘Higher Power’

Scott Stapp, frontman for Creed and one of the faces on the Mt. Rushmore of greatest musicians to ever live, just dropped his newest single, Higher Power. There has been a boom in the Creed hype recently after their reunion announcement for the Summer of ’99 cruise, which features them, Three Doors Down, Buckcherry and more. With interest being so high right now, Stapp struck while the iron was hot and put out a very solid song.

Higher Power is quite heavy for a Scott Stapp song. One highlight is the percussion being so loud, booming and prominent thanks to production. It is also cool to hear Stapp really stretch the range of his voice during the chorus, and he of course pulls it off flawlessly. He has not lost his fastball – his voice is still spot on and the energy coming from him is a great sign, especially with the upcoming reunion. It is a very exciting time to be a butt rock fan.

Welcome Scott Stapp’s newest single, Higher Power, into your earholes with arms wide open. Give it a listen now!


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