Mitchell Ferguson Delivers Once Again with New Single, ‘Over It’

The sultan of sauce, Mitchell Ferguson, is back once again with another killer single, Over It. He has been pedal to the metal for a while now, pumping out some of the most impressive songs I’ve heard in a long time. Ferguson is on the track to be one of my top artists of the year due to his consistency, unique style and his songwriting that is just so “him”. As far as I’m concerned, this man doesn’t miss.

Over It starts out somber, but the energy definitely kicks in as the tune progresses, and Ferguson delivers the emotion perfectly. This is 100% a rock song with a melody that will have you singing the lyrics all day long. The band showed out, most notably the guitarwork being ferocious and full steam ahead. Production is great as well. The tune just booms with energy and Taylor Kimball funneled it into one controllably loud and powerful sound.

Do yourself a favor and go listen to Mitchell Ferguson’s new single, Over It, today!


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