Wight Lighters Take Us On a Trip to ‘The Void’ in New Single

Wight Lighters, a trio out of OKC consisting of lead vocalist and guitarist Dwight Hamlin, bassist Derek Carothers and drummer Tom Young, released a brand-new single called “The Void.” It truly is astonishing how these guys aren’t at the top of the heat right now in the Texas/Oklahoma scene. Their musicianship is off the chain and the tightness of their band is very impressive. Hamlin also takes a lot of the work on himself. He mixes and masters the releases from Wight Lighters himself at his own studio, Classen Recorders.

“The Void” is incredible. Hamlin’s voice dances with the riffing of the guitar throughout, expelling so much emotion in such a powerful way. The bluesy elements mix so well with an intense psychedelic wall. If you’re into ‘60s or ‘70s psychedelia, you will eat this song up – you can almost imagine Wight Lighters playing this song while opening for Jefferson Airplane in 1969. Production is flawless, capturing the trippy aesthetic while also spotlighting Hamlin’s voice.

When speaking about the new single, the band said, “The Void is an angsty, psychedelic trip down a rabbit hole we’re all familiar with – that spellbinding limbo before the breakup you know is going to rip your heart out. It captures all the heat, wistfulness and incubus of that time when you’re grasping for the illusion of the past, holding on to the honeymoon phase that’s long gone and hurtling toward an unknown future alone.”

They go on to say, “This song, like that void itself, keeps you guessing – lulling you into a trance and then knocking you off your kilter with surprising changeups and bluesy riffs. It’s about confronting your own comfort with the devil you know… and maybe are.”

Give Wight Lighter’s “The Void” a listen now!

Cover Photo by Steven Contreras.


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