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‘Show Goes On’: Taylor Goyette’s Memoir of Life’s Unpredictable Ride

Hey there, music fans! Hold onto your headphones because Taylor Goyette is about to rock your world with his brand-new song, “Show Goes On.” This track is streaming NOW, and it’s not just another catchy tune – it’s like a deep dive into all the feelings we have about the crazy world we live in. And guess what? Goyette is also going on a tour along the East Coast, so get ready to catch some serious vibes!

So, you might be wondering, what’s this song all about? Well, imagine you’re at the coolest amusement park ever, and there’s this wild show happening. Taylor Goyette’s song is like a soundtrack for that show, but here’s the twist: the show is life itself. The lyrics talk about how we watch all kinds of stuff happening on our screens, and even though it’s kinda nuts out there, we’re safe in our own space.

You know how sometimes people on TV or online act like they know everything? Goyette sings about how it’s like the blind leading the blind – basically, people who don’t really know what’s going on trying to guide the rest of us. It’s like a big circus, and we’re all trying to keep our balance on a tightrope.

“It’s a circus out here, we’re wobbling on a wire, there’s a lady with a beard, clowns juggling fire.” Now, picture a crazy circus scene with all these wild things happening: a lady with a beard, clowns tossing fire around – it’s a metaphor for how life can be strange and unexpected. But that’s not all! There are elephants and donkeys jumping through hoops, which is kind of like how we sometimes feel like we’re doing tricks just to keep up with everything.

“Elephants and donkeys got us jumping through hoops, y’all wish that I was lying, but ya know that it’s the truth, get your popcorn ready, and pour ya something strong, if the world’s still spinning’, the shit show goes on.” These lines are like a friendly reminder that life keeps moving, even when things get crazy. It’s like we’re at a movie theater with our popcorn, watching this wild show unfold.

Now, here’s the best part – Goyette didn’t just release this awesome song. He’s also hitting the road on a tour all along the East Coast! Starting in September, he’ll be playing his music in different places, bringing good vibes and awesome tunes to all of us.

“Show Goes On” is more than just a song – it’s like a snapshot of how crazy and amazing life can be. Stream it now and get ready to groove to the rhythm of this awesome new track! And if you’re lucky enough to catch Goyette on tour, get ready for a musical adventure you won’t forget.

Cover Photo: Aaron Shriver/Nashville Is His Bride

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