Hear Colby Acuff’s New Single, “Movin’”

Since dropping his Sony Music Nashville debut album, Western White Pines, on June 9, Colby Acuff isn’t taking any breaks. Last Friday, the rising singer released his latest single, “Movin’.”

Co-written by Acuff, Ben Chapman, and Ben Roberts, the grassy tune is a suitable follow-up to his recent album, as it tells the story of a man continuing life’s journey without looking back. In his smooth, lilting drawl, Acuff croons lyrics at his lover, letting her know it’s time to pick up and go — to another city; another song; another life. On a deeper level, the ballad seems to be about accepting that change is the only constant, and if you’re not moving on, you’re standing still.  

Driven by Acuff’s percussive guitar strums, lively fiddle riffs, and a swift train beat, “Movin’” has everything that fans have come to love about the singer: honest lyrics, spare but beautiful instrumentation, and stories that give a panoramic view of his thoughts and feelings about a given experience. It’s another powerfully authentic release from one of Sony’s most promising new artists. Give it a listen below. 

Photo by Matthew Berinato

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