Rowdy Radar – Red Shahan

Let me be 100% honest with you… I moved to Nashville roughly a year ago to pursue/learn all I can about the music industry and the one consistent thing I have learned is that the music industry is a complete shit show, and I do mean that in the most positive way possible. There’s so much movement, so much amazing talent and competition, and within this fast paced, heavily competitive environment, every now and then you stumble upon a hidden treasure. Now, when it comes to music as a whole, I’m a fan of authenticity, stories, and songs that are relatable. I believe that’s why we listen to music in the first place. To be able to relate, to block out the rest of the world, and of course to simply rock and dance our asses off. Well, not too long ago I stumbled into a hidden treasure I believe the world needs to be more aware of.

Red Shahan, a Bluff Dale, Texas native (population around 2,000) is that recent red-headed treasure I came across. The man dropped his debut album in 2015 titled Men & Coyotes and out of the 43 minutes and 32 seconds on that album, every damn song is worthy of your time. The song which the record is named after, “Men & Coyotes,” is without a doubt my favorite tune by the Texas native. It’s gentle, it’s real, and it represents more than music. When asked about the song, Red states “In modern society, the Coyote is considered somewhat of a nuisance…but in reality, it was here before we were. It’s one of the few animals that has been able to adapt and also live in the city, and still survive and thrive actually”. Red Shahan’s music carries a message that extends beyond mere entertainment. It holds a mirror to the complexities of modern society and our relationship with the natural world. His perspective on the coyote as a symbol of adaptation and resilience reflects his own journey within the music industry. Red’s work not only entertains but also challenges listeners to consider their place within the broader context of life’s challenges and triumphs. This is just one of the plenty of good tunes coming from Shahan. “Never Turn Around,” “Revolution,” and “Waterbill” are some of my personal favorites from Ol’ Red that I highly recommend.

To Red Shahan, thank you for your music.
To the average music listener, give this dude a shot.

Checkout the links below and let’s get this dude to Nashville for a show or fifteen.

 Cover Photo Credit – Saving Country Music

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