Meet Corina Grove, a Unique Voice Out of Dallas

It is hard to quite describe what kind of sound Dallas, Texas artist Corina Grove goes for. You can call it indie, pop… even indie pop. The beauty of the thing is that it doesn’t matter. There is a beautiful, soulful element with a massive, spacey ambience – this being obvious in her newest single from June, “Lost for Good.” Although she only has a couple originals out at the moment, the other tune being “I’ve Been Here Before,” she is already beyond where her peers are, and it is exciting to see where she will end up.

When Grove was around 12, her father bought her first guitar, so she has been into music for quite a while. She has even been writing as long as she’s been playing, which is a pretty wild thought considering how young she was.

“I really love it all,” she responded when asked about influences. “That’s such a hard question, really. Artists that come to mind are Grace Slick from Jefferson Airplane, Led Zeppelin to The Cure, The Cranberries to Brandi Carlile, Deftones to Ariana Grande… I find influence in all these artists and their music.”

The wide range of artists she considered makes it very clear how she sounds like she does. Her voice is one thing, but the instrumental elements and producing techniques put behind the songs of hers are very unique.

“I can tell you I’m excited to release it,” Grove stated about upcoming music. “There’s lots of music in the vault that we’re getting ready to release. I hope to see people relate to it on a personal level.”

She goes on to say, “I remember when I put out I’ve Been Here Before, my first thought was ‘oh shit, now everybody is going to know how I feel,’ and after the release, it was how they related to the song. I’m excited about them hearing the rest of the catalog. There’s definitely a ride to hop on and a journey to follow.”

You heard her. Hop on the ride and follow her journey, because there are big things ahead for Corina Grove.

Cover Photo by Palomedia.


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