Ella Langley Doesn’t Pull Punches in New Music Video for ‘That’s Why We Fight’

Ella Langley released the music video for “That’s Why We Fight” (feat. Koe Wetzel), which was originally released back in April of this year as a single. I’m no filmmaker, but the video itself is shot very well. Shoutout to the director/producer/editor Wales Toney and Whale Tale Media, who made it possible. I highly recommend you check it out yourself, because I can’t do it justice explaining it!

If you haven’t heard the song yet, give it a listen. The melody is top tier and hooks you immediately. The duet between Langley and Wetzel is a perfect match – the passion is there, the way their voices work off each other is flawless, and I couldn’t think of another feature that would pull the performance off better than Koe did. There’s a gloomy aesthetic that builds to the chorus, creating an explosive delivery, which is fantastically performed in the instrumental aspect.

I suggest you give “That’s Why We Fight” a listen and also check out the music video!

Cover Photo by Caylee Robillard.


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