Mike Ryan Delivers WINNER: Sends ‘Loser’ to Country Radio & New Music Video!

Now I know this song sounds familiar to you because you yourself are no LOSER!  You listened when we said check out Mike Ryan’s killer Album Longcut back when we wrote about it HERE last November.  We talked then about the star he is on the Texas scene and how this album would catapult him to new heights.  Well, my friends, that time has finally come.  “Loser” is quickly climbing the Texas charts and will likely be in the TOP 10 before I can finish writing this article. It’s only a matter of time before it becomes his 10th, YES 10th, #1 on the Texas Country Charts.  This time it’s different though, with over 320 million streams under his belt and rabid fans across the country.  The single is accompanied by a brand new music video showcasing the rollercoaster ride that a relationship can be.

“Loser” does an exceptional job of pulling everyone in with anecdotes of how we have lost at something in our lives, whether it’s the shirt off our back at the blackjack table or a fumble on the goal line.  What’s most relatable, though, is when he spins it into all the things you miss when you lose the one you love.  Sometimes you miss her head on your shoulder, her dress on the floor, or seeing her across the table with her favorite wine. See, we all have things that can get us down but

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“You don’t know nothin’

Until you felt the stingOh, of a woman’s love packed upFlyin’ out your drivewaySittin’ there watchin’ her leave.”



The song has such great imagery reminiscent of Clint Black’s “Nothin But The Taillights”.  See, you really don’t know what it feels like to be a loser until you LOSE HER. Again, the twists in these lines are just so good, which is no surprise with a super-star writing room of Hillary Lindsey, Gordie Sampson and Colin Elmore.  The music video and this next line evoke such raw emotion you can feel your own heart sink. You don’t know heart break until it breaks for real and you’re “losing your mind, losing your head, can’t even get out of your bed” and your world’s going black because you can’t win her back.  Mike Ryan’s performance on this hard driving part of the song really seals the deal and leaves you feeling his pain.

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“Loser” going to country radio is a big deal for this road warrior and Texas darling.  After years of tearing it up on the Texas circuit and opening for major acts like Miranda Lambert, Morgan Wallen and Hardy, Mike Ryan is about to earn a much deserved spot on the national stage.  I for one am ecstatic and hope it will send even more fans diving through his incredible catalog.  If you still can’t get enough check out this Behind The Scenes of Mike Ryan’s Opry Debut after the release of Longcut. Mike Ryan produces an absolutely rowdy live show so if you haven’t gotten the chance yet, check him out on the 2nd leg of the Longcut Tour or out as support with Brantley Gilbert, Koe Wetzel, and Jordan Davis this fall.

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