Randall Fowler Drops “Two Woman Man” But It’s Not What You Think…

The idea of a singer talking about having two women might raise some eyebrows around town… unless, that is, you know Randall Fowler. “On this particular day I brought in the title ‘Two Woman Man’ with a melody for the hook. Explaining to the guys how I wanted to write something sincere yet playful and fun about our 20 month old daughter in hopes she would approve. So Naturally, like Clay Mills always does, he jumped right on a tasty groove introducing the hook and the three of us  (Mark Irwin) were spitballing ideas. After going back and forth for a few minutes, we found the angle and just ran with it.”

Having two women in your life means taking the time to make sure each feels special, feels loved, and feels cherished, and Randall’s voice and sentiment in this song really sends that message home. “This song comes from the realm of being a girl dad as well as a loving husband, the family man. I also think it embodies the real-life relationship I have with my wife. I’m always on the lookout to make her laugh or smile with my cheesy sense of humor. It’s a confession to your other half that there is another woman, but not in the way you would think,” Randall explained.

It’s a song with a title that is bound to make you listen all while making sure to fill your heart with those positive and good vibes Randall is known for.

When Randall told his wife about the title and theme she was very interested in hearing about it, to say the least. “I said Honey, I wrote a cheating song today! Her eyes got really big and she said ‘ohhh…’ haha! As the song unfolded she got a good kick out of it. Mission accomplished. I hope everyone else loves it as well!”

We sure do love it. It has been great to see the growth Randall and his co-writers have seen since moving to Nashville. He is a voice and a person to know in this town full of movers and shakers. WE BELIEVE in Randall and you should too.

Producer: Grady Saxman // Saxman Studios

Mixed by: Aaron Chmielewski

Mastered by: Shelley Anderson

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