Greta Van Fleet Release New Album, ‘Starcatcher’

Greta Van Fleet fans, rejoice. The young rockers on the forefront of this generation’s music scene released their newest record, Starcatcher, on July 21st. Overall, Starcatcher is a healthy mixture of the bluesy rock style of the band’s first two albums, 2017’s From The Fires and 2018’s Anthem Of The Peaceful Army, and the mystical and epic tones of 2021’s The Battle at Garden’s Gate. Greta Van Fleet has a habit of churning out anthemic songs on each record, so it can be hard to make comparisons on those songs, which typically become the most popular. At the same time, it is too early to make judgement on a brand-new album such as Starcatcher, but what we can confirm is that it is indeed solid work.

Tracks such as the opener, “Fate Of The Faithful,” feature some jagged and haunting guitarwork with vocalist Josh Kiszka’s performance bringing that epic element that is so common with Greta Van Fleet. The same can be said about songs like “Meeting The Master,” Sacred The Thread” and “Farewell For Now” – all singles released beforehand that I feel are some of the biggest highlights on the record. Fans who long for the early Greta Van Fleet rock ‘n’ roll sound will be pleased to know that their thirst will also be quenched with tunes such as “The Falling Sky,” which features some killer harmonica work, and the fast-paced “Runway Blues.”

Greta Van Fleet is undoubtedly a talented band that receives a lot of unwarranted hate, but I guess that’s common when you’re doing it right. “Haters gon’ hate” I believe is the phrase, right? Josh, Jake and Sam Kiszka along with drummer Danny Wagner know exactly what they want and the music they seek to make is planned out very technically, so it’s best to sit and enjoy each era they explore.

Give Starcatcher a listen!

Cover Photo from Greta Van Fleet on Instagram.


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