Dexter and The Moonrocks Deliver with New Single, ‘Birds and the Bees’

When I first looked up Dexter and The Moonrocks, the first thing I saw was their social media game, which is easily some of the best I’ve seen in a while. I thought, “man, I hope their music is as good as their social content.” They delivered. DATM released their newest single, “Birds and the Bees” on July 14th, and it’s a banger. Their release schedule has been pretty consistent through 2022 to now, and it’s also been consistently good. This newest tune is no exception.

“Birds and the Bees” is certainly a song a lot of people would save for their “moody playlist”, but to be completely honest and to use a word I absolutely hate, this is a “vibe” song to its core. The grunginess and boom that you get is hypnotic, almost putting you in a trance. The vocal performance isn’t anything too crazy but works perfectly for what the song is. Another immediate thought is that fans of new alternative rock would eat this up, so if you fall under that category, I suggest you check this out.

Dexter and the Moonrocks are going to blow up. Their sound, style and lyrical content is what’s in right now in the rock – you could even say pop – world. Give their previous work a listen, show some support and stream their newest song, “Birds and the Bees.”

Cover Photo by Joshua Ihrie.

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