Mitchell Ferguson Drops Some Sauce with New Single, ‘Love on the Line’

I’ve said it once and I’ll keep saying it until I no longer believe it – Mitchell Ferguson has one of the most unique styles in Texas right now. He has proven that once again with his newest single released on July 14th called “Love on the Line.” Ferguson has been on an absolute roll ever since he dropped “F.Y.S.” almost a year ago and he is not slowing down.

“Love on the Line” is lyrically a very familiar story that I think most of us can relate to at one point in their life, which is a common theme with Ferguson’s songwriting. There’s a wonderful blend of humor, and seriousness – while not taking himself too seriously – that creates these awesome songs. Instrumentally, we get this powerful wall of guitar that bops along to the rhythm section, which just kicks the door in. The hook is also killer thanks to the delivery and performance of Ferguson vocally.

In every aspect, “Love on the Line” is yet another strong addition to his arsenal. There aren’t a lot of artists I can 100% guarantee will blow up in a big way without some doubt, but I would put my money on Mitchell Ferguson. Do yourself a big favor and catch him on tour, listen to his music and show support!

Listen to “Love on the Line” below!

Cover Photo by Tyler Stubblefield.

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