Texas Singer/Songwriter Graycie York Releases New Single, ‘Marlboro Magic’

Graycie York, a singer/songwriter out of Rockwall, Texas, is making waves. You hear her name more and more around not just the Texas scene, but the music scene in general with each release. York released her newest single, Marlboro Magic, on July 13th. This is her latest work following Family Affair, which dropped in May. York is on the grind and it’s paying off.

If you are like me and tend to focus more on the instrumental parts of a song versus the songwriting (not that one is more important than the other), you will be happy to know that Marlboro Magic will satisfy. There’s a breeziness and a swing that you get right off the bat, and with the help of fantastic production, it stands tall next to York’s vocals. She stitches the story together perfectly with her performance easily being the spotlight of the tune.

Marlboro Magic comes with zero complaints from me. York, the band and production crew killed it, making this one of the most solid releases I’ve heard so far this year. Give Graycie York a follow, check out a show and listen to her music!

Listen to Marlboro Magic below!


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