‘Little Songs’ & The Most Interesting Man in Music

In 2006, Dos Equis introduced a groundbreaking advertisement that captivated the internet, television viewers, and beyond. This advertising campaign centered around the golden pilsner-style beer and its intriguing protagonist, portrayed by Jonathan Goldsmith. The commercials followed a consistent format, highlighting the fascinating qualities of this man, culminating in a memorable scene where he is surrounded by beautiful women in his advanced age. As the commercial reaches its conclusion, he locks eyes with the camera and delivers his iconic line: “I don’t always drink beer… but when I do, I prefer Dos Equis.”

Jonathan Goldsmith, the actor behind this charismatic character, embarked on this acting venture in 2006 and gracefully retired from the role in 2016. The Dos Equis commercials featuring the “most interesting man in the world” were refreshingly captivating, injecting humor and originality into the realm of beer advertisements that saturate our everyday media landscape.

So what in the hell does this have to do with Colter Wall, the Canadian Cowboy whose voice is deeper than the Grand Canyon yet smoother than a buttered pancake? In my honest opinion (no disrespect to Jonathan Goldsmith) but Colter Wall may be the most interesting man in the world… or at least in music. He’s as real as it gets. Recently, Luke Combs appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience, where they not only discussed Colter’s immense talent but also how for the last two plus years, how he has turned down an invitation to the world’s most popular podcast. This absolutely speaks to who Colter Wall is as a human. Joe Rogan’s podcast has a mind boggling 190 million monthly downloads, yet Mr. Wall politely declined. But Why? Oh! Because the dude has shit to do on his ranch. The man’s a Cowboy through and through. He minds his own business, doesn’t give a crap about being in the public eye, and in his free time he creates some of the most powerful Western sounds you’ll hear in music today. 

So here’s to you, Most Interesting Man in Music, Colter Wall. Prepare to have your boots rattled by his latest album release, Little Songs. This musical masterpiece consists of ten exquisitely crafted tunes that transport you to a realm of genuine soul, enchanting yodeling, and captivating storytelling. We take artists for granted who make music purely out of passion and love for the game. Colter Wall stands as one of the most gifted songwriters in the industry, weaving together tales that resonate with every fiber of your being. In a world where commercialism often overshadows true artistry, it’s a rare gem to witness an artist who stays true to their roots and pours their heart and soul into every note. So, do yourself a favor and immerse yourself in the melodic world of Colter Wall’s Little Songs, a time traveling testament to the pure essence of music.

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