Palmer Anthony Paints a Picture in New Single, ‘West Texas Cloud Appreciation Society’

Texas musician Palmer Anthony is back once again with his newest single, “West Texas Cloud Appreciation Society.” Anthony has been on a roll lately with the releases. In three months, we’ve gotten some killer tunes, which include April’s pre-summer bop, “Ain’t You Sweet,” and the bluegrass inspired “Nobody’s Got it Better” from the tail end of May.

The imagery that is painted in the songwriting screams West Texas. There’s a certain creativity, cleverness and dash of humor that is sprinkled throughout the verses, and you can always pinpoint the area these songwriters and artists come from (the “so if you like God or Bob Ross” line is phenomenal).

The smoothness in Anthony’s voice is what always sticks out to me in all of his releases, so when he puts out a straight up country tune like this, it is a very pleasant sound to take in. In fact, “pleasant” is probably the best word to describe “West Texas Cloud Appreciation Society.” It’s a song you just feel like swingin’ to.

Talking with Anthony about this single before it dropped, he was very excited to release it because he said he’s never done a song like it before. This attitude is awesome to see from him, and it’s clear he’s been branching out to different styles and musical choices – just listen to the previously mentioned release, “Nobody’s Got it Better.” All that being said, we’re rooting for Palmer Anthony and it is extremely exciting seeing him grow not only in listens, but as an artist.


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