Gannon Fremin & CCREV Rock Out in New Single ‘White Girl’

Gannon Fremin & CCREV are some up-and-comers out of the Red Dirt scene out of Oklahoma. The blend of country and rock in their recent releases perfectly showcase just how alive the grit and loudness is in that particular niche. Fremin dropped a new single on July 7th titled “White Girl.”

Anyone familiar with Red Dirt knows the band Cross Canadian Ragweed, a band who pioneered a more rock ‘n’ roll oriented sound in that scene. Not only does “White Girl” share similarities with CCR’s best music, but Fremin himself can be described as a fresh new version of Ragweed in some ways. Saying that, there is no need to stick to only comparisons here. The pipes on Fremin and the energy behind his band are all them.

Speaking of energy, the urge to bob your head and just get up and move to “White Girl” is pretty much irresistible, and I dare you to resist it. The heavy, swampy guitar licks are fantastic. There’s nothing quite like that Southern rock ‘n’ roll inspired, bayou blastin’ riff that all of us could identify no matter what song it’s on, and CCREV nails it. Fremin’s vocals manage to tear through that with some absolutely electric stamina, spotlighting his blues-infused Southern drawl. The songwriting is great and fun, and the cadence throughout the melody and hook really kicks the door in.

Fremin and his band are next up in the Red Dirt scene, simple as that. Fremin, along with the class he’s placed in, including talented musicians like Josh Meloy, Matt Williams, Trent Fletcher and many more, are going to explode and bring a whole new life to towns like Stillwater and the surrounding area – and then as far and wide as they want to go. Gannon Fremin & CCREV are something special and they’ll be shooting to the moon someday, so hop on the train while it’s early and give “White Girl” a listen.


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