Revelry Releases Killer New Single, ‘Lose My Mind’

On June 30th, the boys from Revelry dropped some sick sauce. Their new single, “Lose My Mind”, is out and it’s going to kill. Seeing Revelry grow and progress in the past couple years has been astounding. Putting stream numbers and any statistics aside, their musicianship and the raw talent from each member of the band matures and pops with every release. “Lose My Mind” is some of their strongest work yet and I believe will go down as one of their best looking back years from now.

One thing that Revelry is very consistent with is a killer melody and a solid hook. I swear to you, this chorus will be burned into your brain all day once you give this tune a listen. The southern rock ‘n’ roll presence in this song is undeniable – Revelry has captured this sound and rode it like a buckin’ bronco for a while now and every single time, they deliver. The guitarwork is fantastic, rhythm section is on point, but I think the highlight in “Lose My Mind” would be the vocal performance. Zach Montgomery’s soulfulness and range seems effortless as he tackles many different pitches throughout this song. It’s very exceptional and just plain fun.

Hop on the Revelry train and support these fellas because they are pickin’ up steam quick, and you do not want to be left at the station. Give “Lose My Mind” a listen and long live Wallen Van Fleet.

Cover Photo from Revelry on Instagram.


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