Greta Van Fleet Release Newest Single, ‘The Falling Sky’, from Upcoming Album

Another week, another Greta Van Fleet single release – or at least it has seemed that way as of late… not that we’re complaining! On the 27th of June, GVF dropped their newest tune, “The Falling Sky.” With the upcoming record Starcatcher being released in less than a month, there has been a lot of discourse amongst fans on what to expect. A large group wants the old school sound back instead of the more recent anthemic style. If that is what you’re looking for, out of all the recent singles, “The Falling Sky” is what you’ve been waiting for.

Right away, the familiar GVF blues riffing kicks in the door with some very upfront drumming – reminiscent of the From The Fires days. While the gritty rock ‘n’ roll element is absolutely present, the new era GVF sound also makes itself known on this track. The vocal effects are definitely comparable to their last record, The Battle at Garden’s Gate, while the actual delivery is consistent to 2017 GVF. It’s a hodgepodge if you really want to get into it, but all you really need to know is that this is a very different single than the others released for the upcoming album.

The guitarwork is so groovy and the rhythm section is so tight in the pocket throughout the track while lead singer Josh Kiszka wails away a killer performance. A noteworthy moment is the harmonica solo featured on the song, which cements the blues influence even further. “The Falling Sky” is one of the best examples as to why GVF have been growing to the height that they are at – they create a sound of their own and can bend and mold it with each release, all while bringing it back down to earth.

Listen to Greta Van Fleet’s “The Falling Sky” right now!

Cover Photo from Greta Van Fleet on Instagram.

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