Southall Gets Bluesy in New Single, ‘Scared Money’, Announces New Album

There’s a lot of bands out west right now. It’s only for very few of them that I can honestly have 100% confidence that they will go down in the history books of not only Red Dirt music, but music in general once their story is over. Southall is that band. For those of you who don’t know, by the way, Southall has rebranded themselves in name only. Formerly known as Read Southall Band, they may have changed their name, but their music is just as genuine and consistent as ever.

Southall released their newest single on June 30th called “Scared Money”. I’m going to go ahead and say it – this is the best song that the boys have released. We are a couple albums deep at this exact moment in their career. All the music Southall has put out since they started has been very impressive and proficient. That being said, “Scared Money” erupts to the top without a doubt. The guitarwork is reminiscent of the pluckiness and southern blues elements of The Georgia Satellites ,while the delivery and cadence of Read Southall’s lyrics sound like something you’d hear preached in a Jerry Reed song.

The melody is truly fantastic while being backed by a powerful rhythm section. The bassline is groovier than ever while being cemented by a simple, yet tight, drum backbeat. The songwriting is great; there’s plenty of themes that are familiar to the listener, whether it be through experience or hearing it through a classic throwback blues song.

If “Scared Money” wasn’t enough to satisfy your new music kick, how about a new album? Yup, Southall has got some sauce for you. Their upcoming self-titled album will drop on September 22nd. In the meantime, give “Scared Money” a listen, share and support!


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