Hannah Wicklund Releases Soulful New Single, ‘Hide and Seek’

When describing an artist like Hannah Wicklund, the best umbrella to put her under would be one that includes the perfect mix of soulfulness, blues and just pure rock ‘n’ roll. It’s been quite a while since her previous release, 2020’s Psychobabble, but as of June 23rd, we finally have some new heat. “Hide and Seek” has dropped and boy, did it not disappoint. There are a lot of highlights in this track.

First off, Wicklund’s vocals are totally on point. The previously mentioned soulfulness blends with the raw bite she also has. The ghostly effect put on it thanks to the track’s production work also adds to the aesthetic of the song. A big draw for me personally was the melody. It’s absolutely infectious and physically makes you bob your head. That, along with the ups and downs in intensity, really takes you for a ride throughout the track. There’s drops of psychedelia to accompany the bluesy framework while the instrumentals specifically are sporadic but work in a perfect way.

It’s hard to describe songs. With that being said, do yourself a favor and give Hannah Wicklund’s new single, “Hide and Seek,” a gander. I view her as a hidden gem at this particular moment as a female vocalist and in the rock world, but she is definitely going to blow up very soon. Don’t miss it!

Cover Photo by Kirk Stauffer.

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