Trenton Fletcher Drops Rockin’ New Single, “Hard Times, Hard Livin'”

Rising Oklahoma artist, Trenton Fletcher, just dropped his newest single, “Hard Times, Hard Livin’,” on June 23rd. It’s been pretty cool seeing him take some different routes style-wise with his past few releases. Fletcher is great with maintaining his own specific sound consistently but can also balance it out with something brand new. In this case, he approached his sound with heaviness and raw grit, and I’m here for it.

“Hard Times, Hard Livin’” kicks the door in with some swampy, bluesy riffs that continue on and off during the song. The killer part of the track, at least to me, is the heaviness. Fletcher’s voice rides well during the lowkey points of the verses, but when the chorus hits there is some booming from the rhythm section that helps take the guitarwork for a walk – production can also be a big factor in this, and it’s fantastic here, by the way. Speaking of guitarwork, the solo that tears it up halfway through really hit me by surprise with how perfectly it fit. Fletcher and the musicians he surrounds himself with is a very solid creative team.

I can’t really say enough about how much I thoroughly enjoyed this release. Trenton Fletcher grinds to get music out and is one of the hardest working fellas in that scene, so if there is one single song of his to show someone who isn’t aware of his music yet, make it “Hard Times, Hard Livin’.”


Cover Photo by Devin Lawrence Media Co.

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