Austin Upchurch Returns with New Single, ‘Automatic’

Godley, Texas’s own Austin Upchurch has dropped some true heat once again. On June 16th, Upchurch released his newest single, “Automatic.” Before that, he put out his cover of Bowling For Soup’s “Almost” featuring Jaret Reddick, with the Sometimes The Sun Hurts Me EP being in front of that all from 2022 – so yeah, we’re pretty pumped for some new tunes. With every release he has put out, you can tell that Upchurch is finding his groove and his own sound in the style that he wants, which is the important thing.

“Automatic” is a straight up rock head-bobber. This punk aesthetic that Upchurch is going for is the right move; his vocals are perfectly tuned for the sound he’s wanting to convey, the riffs are heavy and fuzzy, the skins are being beaten as hard as possible… it all just works. The melody is fantastic with a chorus that will draw you in immediately. Perhaps the best part about the track is the pure energy brought to the performance. No amount of production magic can fake that, and Upchurch and his band make you feel like you’re right there in the room with them.

Give “Automatic” a listen as soon as possible. In fact, go back and listen to his last record, Breakdown, to get the full Austin Upchurch experience. He’s next up in the scene, so get ready for the blow up.

Cover Photo by Blake Washington.

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