Greta Van Fleet Drops Newest Single ‘Farewell For Now’

Greta Van Fleet released their third single from their upcoming album, Starcatcher, on June 9th. “Farewell For Now” is different than the previous tunes put out for the record – Meeting The Master and Sacred The Thread – it’s not as epic and large, and has a more subdued and concentrated feel. If you’re a fan who was not too big on the last two, I encourage you to give this one a whirl.

“Farewell For Now” stands out because there’s more of a folk influence. GVF’s ghostly and spacious style remains, but the plucking of the strings brings the song back down to Earth. This is even more evident after listening to this right after “Meeting The Master” and “Sacred The Thread.” The effect on Josh Kiszka’s vocals is a consistent, although uncommon, complaint I’ve been seeing with these three new singles. If it isn’t your thing, it isn’t your thing of course, but I personally don’t mind it and enjoy some new steps the band is taking. There is more of an echo and live sound with his voice the way it was produced for this track, and it is pulled off flawlessly.

This isn’t a gigantic jam fest for the rest of the band, but there are some highlights. As mentioned before, the guitar work carries a lot of the song along with a firm backbeat and bassline to keep it grounded. There’s also a typical bluesy solo that Jake Kiszka cranks out that fits very well, and production is great, which is always a great element of GVF’s releases.

“Farewell For Now” is a great release by Greta Van Fleet and gives some hints on what is to come on their upcoming album, Starcatcher, set to release on July 21st. Give the new single a listen right now!

Cover Photo from Greta Van Fleet on Instagram.

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