Palmer Anthony Looks On the Brighter Side in New Single ‘Nobody’s Got it Better’

Texas country artist, Palmer Anthony, released his brand-new single on May 25th called “Nobody’s Got it Better.” Anthony has been grinding pretty hard lately by putting out three new songs this year already – “Sleep, My Mind & You” in January and “Ain’t You Sweet” in April being the other two. Consistency is key, which he seems to have found out and is taking full advantage of, since there has been an obvious increase in eyeballs on him in just this year alone.

“Nobody’s Got it Better” sticks out right away with the twangy instrumentals in the intro. The traditional country elements in the beginning are a pleasant surprise, and the blend of those and Anthony’s style works quite well. The songwriting is very clever, as he gets better and better with every release in that aspect. Anthony’s vocal performance is great on this single as well. This style stands out from his other releases in a cool and unique way, which is a good confirmation that he is not just being stagnant and staying comfortable – he wants to keep moving and developing his sound.

I recommend you check out “Nobody’s Got it Better” by Palmer Anthony. Give it a stream, give him a follow and share the hell out of it!

Cover Photo by Jess Kyla Photography

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