Ace Monroe Drops Some ‘Summer Heat’

The energetic and animated rock group Ace Monroe is back with a tune for your warm weather playlist. “Summer Heat” was released on May 19th and it truly is… well, heat. They are still a pretty new group who have put out some solid releases, including their 2022 record Shelter in Place and last single, “Foolin’ It Up.” “Summer Heat” is another fun one to add to the catalogue.

The throwback ’80s style vocals, courtesy of lead singer Robbie Dylan, fit very well here as he takes that inspiration and makes it his own. Along with the vocal performance, we get some solid guitar work throughout the entire song with some catchy riffing that meshes well with the rhythm section to hold down the melody. Production is fantastic and the final product is an overall impressive release by the band.

Give these up-and-comers a listen and a follow as well. They, along with the other upcoming artists and bands in their class, are quickly gaining momentum and popularity.

Give “Summer Heat” by Ace Monroe a listen below!

Cover Photo by Ryan Pope

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