Greta Van Fleet Releases Newest Single ‘Sacred The Thread’

The boys from Frankenmuth are at it again. Greta Van Fleet released their newest single, “Sacred The Thread,” on May 19th. Following “Meeting The Master,” this is the second single dropped that will be on their upcoming third studio album, Starcatcher, which will be released on July 21st. Aside from the GVF haters who don’t even give them a chance, all the other fans will agree that throughout their career so far, most of their work is performed excellently – very unique and well-produced. The talent they have while being such a young band still astounds me, so it’s really been a treat watching these guys bud into their own identity with each song they release.

“Sacred The Thread” is a great song. For those who weren’t too big on the psychedelic and strange aesthetic of “Meeting The Master,” odds are they will be won over with this one. Danny Wagner’s drum intro is booming with depth and snappiness, which is something I’ve always been a fan of as it’s been consistent with the production in each release so far. Josh Kiszka’s vocals are top notch as well. He keeps it pretty tame in this one by staying away from the screaming most of the time, but still retaining his trademark high vocal range. Sam and Jake Kiszka also hold it down on their end. Sam’s bassline is up front just as much as the drums are – another element I’ve always been a fan of – and Jake’s blues-rooted riffing is on point as always.

GVF rarely misses, and this one is an example of that. If you want some interesting, fresh new rock ‘n’ roll, I suggest you start following these boys. Go give Greta Van Fleet’s “Sacred The Thread” a listen now and remember to mark your calendars for the release of their next record, Starcatcher, on July 21st.


Cover Photo by Neil Krug

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