Josh Abbott Band Releases Newest Single ‘Country Nights’

Josh Abbott Band has been a big name in the Texas country scene for as long as you and I could remember, and it is evident once again that they are not slowing down any time soon. With Abbott himself coming down from the big release by The Panhandlers – a West Texas supergroup consisting of him, William Clark Green, John Baumann and Cleto Cordero – he is clearly not going to stop there. JAB dropped their newest single, “Country Nights,” on May 12th.

“Country Nights” puts you in a relaxed, loose mood right from the start with the light percussion and fiddle setting it perfectly. The lyrics put you in a place of nostalgia if you can relate, and in this case, I think there are verses that people from any background can relate to. The production is beautiful, and one interesting point I drew when listening to this tune is that I get a “beachy” vibe from the instrumentals throughout the middle and end. Think along the lines of Buffett or Chesney, but JAB absolutely made it their own.

Like most releases by these guys, this is a solid one and very much worth listening to. I mentioned The Panhandlers earlier, so if you enjoy Josh Abbott and haven’t listened to his other group yet, get on it! That record is called Tough Country, but don’t forget to listen to JAB’s newest single, “Country Night”s!


Cover Photo by Jaclynn Sky Media

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