Los Angeles Rock Band Starcrawler Release Stripped Down “Acoustic Sessions” EP

LA based rock band, Starcrawler, released an EP in March simply titled Acoustic Sessions. The group consists of vocalist Arrow De Wilde, guitarist Henri Cash, his brother Bill also holding down guitar and pedal steel, bassist Tim Franco and drummer Seth Carolina. It’s safe to say that Starcrawler has been climbing in popularity the past couple years. Along with the release of their 2022 album, She Said, they are also hitting the festival circuit hard this summer, playing gatherings such as Sonic Temple, Welcome To Rockville and Louder Than Life.

Acoustic renditions either do something for you or they don’t, depending on the kind of music listener you are. If you enjoy stripped-down versions of previously released songs, this is a fantastic group of tunes to dive in to. This EP captures the haunting, yet beautiful, vocals of De Wilde while maintaining the retro gritty punk style that makes their typical releases so unique – this is very apparent in “Broken Angels.” The backing vocals from the other members mesh well, like in “Roadkill” for example. “Roadkill” is held together by some pleasant light percussion as well.

This is quite a treat from Starcrawler and shows off the talent the group has when it comes to such a raw and pure form. Give Acoustic Sessions a listen and make sure to follow this band before they blow up!

Cover Photo by Gilbert Trejo.

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