Trey Lewis Releases New Single ‘Up Yours’

With a title like “Up Yours” a casual fan might think… ok another middle finger laden anthem by Trey Lewis.

While it is surely a tip of the hat to some of the most popular songs Trey has released like “DDID” and “Single Again,” “Up Yours” rings loud and clear to the folks that have been following Trey for the past 2 plus years.

But once you dig into Trey’s newest single you are sure to see that this song, and the direction it is taking Trey, is not exactly what you think.

It Rains… I pour… You ain’t mine… no more.

“From the day John Pierce sent me the song, I knew ‘Up Yours’ was special,” says Lewis. “Even though I wasn’t a writer on this one, I knew my friends had written another breakup anthem for people to blast all summer long! My hope is that this song will appeal to my fans and hopefully create new ones!”

For a song with a title like this you may have been expecting something a little more hateful, but honestly that is part of what makes this song stand out.  It’s more laid back and factual, as opposed to emotional, and that really sets the tone for the song (and the video below). Once you have the idea out of your head about what you think the song is about, it really lets you dig into the fact that this is just a play on one of the most talked about themes in Country music – healing through the pain.

At the end of the day, Trey Lewis is so much more than just a guy singing songs with curse words about his terrible ex, and this song is the bridge between the Trey Lewis we have come to know and who Trey Lewis really is now.  A fun-loving, talented chance taker filled with promise and a student of what makes folks love the live show. This song is one we can guarantee you will be seeing the fans singing back here very soon at a Trey Lewis show near you!


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