Carlyle Griffin’s New Single ‘Say So’

“I started writing this song last summer as a way to try and understand the frame of mind I was in at the time. I was trying to determine what to do about my career, coming out of a short relationship that left me with a lot more questions than answers, and feeling really overwhelmed by the weight of all the responsibilities I’d garnered over the previous year. It was a way to try and take all of that off my shoulders and turn it into something that excited me rather than worried me. I’m in my early 20s, and I think at my age (and beyond, I don’t know that this feeling ever goes away) there is a general consensus of “what the hell am I supposed to be doing with my life right now?” – this song is sort of my way of asking that question,” Carlyle Griffin explained about her new song “Say So.”

With her soulful and seductive voice, Carlyle is sonically so different than most of the music coming out right now.  A little more yacht rock radio than main stream country, Carlyle is steering her career towards standing out in a Nashville crowd.  More insightful and emotional than most at her age, Carlyle is definitely an old soul and that comes out in her sound.

“The interesting thing about this song is it completely transformed when I brought it into the studio. The original version that I wrote on my guitar wasn’t translating into the recorded version like I envisioned it would. The first version came out very guitar & drum driven and it didn’t sit right with me. I wanted something with a little more groove and room to put in a horn section (because I’ve been craving one of those since I started recording my stuff about 4 years ago). So I did a little digging for some inspiration and brought back the song ‘Spanish Moon’ by Little Feat to my producer, Joel Jorgenson, to give us a sort of template to work off of. From there, it really started to take its shape. The only thing that remains of the original version is the lyrics and the key – everything else from tempo to arrangement was changed.

Making this song was one of the most frustrating but also most rewarding times I’ve had so far in the studio and I am really excited to share it. It took me on a journey and I hope it does the same for you”

Carlyle’s music, whether live or a studio version, is bound to move you. She’s a bright rising star in the scene here and she’s just getting started.


Don’t say we didn’t tell you about Carlyle. She is one of the names you should know.

About Carlyle Griffin: The soulful ingenuity of Nashville-based singer/songwriter Carlyle Griffin can be partially attributed to
her upbringing and music exposure from an early age. Growing up on the Carolina coast, Carlyle was introduced to many different genres of music – the sounds of Motown, the emotional lyrics of 70’s folk rock, the dramatics of Broadway
soundtracks – all of which bleed into her personal creations today. As she continued to delve into her own sound, she was led to land in the bustling Music City. Shortly after moving to Nashville in the Fall of 2021, Carlyle released her first single
Symptomatic Daydream, a wistful tune about all the things you wish you could say but just can’t seem to. The song was premiered on Raised Rowdy and won 2022’s Folk/Americana Single of The Year at the Josie Music Awards. Her sophomore
release, Crash Down on Me, premiered on Radio Sobro and showcased her “stop-you-in-your-tracks” soulful voice. With the release of Say So, Carlyle is continuing to pave her own unique path for creativity and form a connection with listeners through her thoughtful lyrics and exceptional musicality.

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