Rock Up-and-Comers American Slang Release New Single “Last Goodbye”

Based out of Oklahoma City, American Slang is a rock group consisting of five young men who really know how to channel that classic sound. The band includes vocalist Miller Wilke, bassist Siggy West, guitarists JC Farmer and Preston Reeves, and drummer Boston Davis. With them only being teenagers, it is quite frankly insane how these guys shred. They are only at the beginning stages of their music careers, but the talent that each member has is apparent when clubs – clubs that they can’t even drink at yet – are shaking and newcomers are headbanging right off the bat.

American Slang released a new single not too long ago called “Last Goodbye.” It’s a more mellow tune than some of their others, but it still captures what they are all about. The Tesla-esque vocals are very satisfying with a super catchy melody. The deep, echoey drums and slick guitar licks are reminiscent of those 1980s hard rock staples that we all know. There will be a lot of comparisons that American Slang will hear as they grow, but that really doesn’t matter. Being compared to legends of that era should be a great compliment even as they find a sound of their own down the road.

That being said, give American Slang’s “Last Goodbye a listen and keep an eye on these guys as they climb up the ladder.

Listen here!


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