Huser Brother Band Brings the Heat in New Single ‘No More’

Rooted out of Waco, Texas, Huser Brother Band is gaining more and more attention with each release. Comprised of brothers Zach and Josh, the group has a cool, unique take on the usual Texas country sound. There are a lot of bluesy influences with a rock edge. The group released their newest single, “No More,” on April 28th and it is certainly a dynamite drop.

“No More” has many high energy points regardless of the sorrow projected through the lyrics, which are crafted very well. Like I said before, Huser Brother Band loves to include some blues. This is apparent in the aesthetic throughout the song with the acoustic picking in the beginning and vocal delivery. Speaking of vocals, the soul and emotion packed into the singing here is absolutely top notch. The percussion work bangs through in a hard-hitting rock ‘n’ roll fashion and is aided by the fantastic production.

Photos by Jess Kyla (IG: @jesskyla_photography)

Give “No More” a listen and make it a point to follow along with Huser Brother Band’s future work. They are climbing the ladder quickly, so don’t miss out!

Cover Photo by Jess Kyla (IG: @jesskyla_photography).

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