Former Dirty Honey Drummer, Corey Coverstone, Goes Live with New Website Featuring Lessons and More

Drummers anywhere – beginner or pro – can now get even better with the help of Corey Coverstone.

Coverstone is the former drummer of the modern rock band Dirty Honey and has also released solo projects ranging from his rock ‘n’ roll roots to his take on jazz standards. These solo works include 2014’s A Human Experience and 2020’s Punch the Shaman (I recommend any drum nerd to check these out immediately). In addition to his own music, he has also been teaching lessons. On April 20th, Coverstone premiered his new website to make his teaching even more accessible.

He has learned from some of the all-around best musicians of our time and is always hard at work putting out the best product he can. Now, this isn’t just one big drawn-out advertisement. This is a very cool opportunity for players to learn from a very skilled and accomplished drummer of this era.

The website is new of course, so there are only a few options out at the moment, but the product you get is worth it.

You can purchase sheet music PDFs to practice with or even buy the video bundles to assist you. The videos contain demonstrations and tips to help you get the most out of it and is great to add to your practice routine. May I add that these are at a very affordable price.

Another cool route to take is purchasing a 1-on-1 lesson with Coverstone to get a more personalized experience. If you live in the LA area, in-person lessons can be coordinated, but you can still do it online.

Subscribe to his website to be updated on new lessons being released!

If you have booking or general questions, shoot Corey Coverstone an email with the following address:

Enhance your playing and experience by following the link here.


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